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Intrigued by the atmosphere of Kaliurang sights in the afternoon. Finally we re-visit these attractions for the umpteenth time.

Kaliurang is a tourist spot located in Sleman, Yogyakarta Special Region. Ground is at an altitude ± 878 m above sea level took place in the south of Mount Merapi

Deserted parking lot
Ground Area Tourism atmosphere were deserted in the afternoon especially cold environmental conditions and local rainfall. We went straight to Tlogo Princess (Princess Lake) to find the center of the crowd.

Markets by - by the looks deserted
Arriving at the parking area near the pool Tlogo Princess, we found a different atmosphere. This tourist attraction has been lonely and lost among the hustle and bustle of tourists, merchants, or take public transportation shuttle tourists. Monkey - monkey took to the road running to and fro without fear.

The atmosphere is quiet, lonely, cold, and isolated. We were not surprised when the day is not approaching holiday. So natural that the atmosphere is different from the days - days off. Park entrance Plawangan Turgo was closed, because the clock is shown at 17.00. Then we walked to the market by the - by and souvenirs.

The entrance was closed Plawangan Forest Tourism
As we enter a market by - by and souvenirs, we see a typical food vendors Kaliurang still in place. The seller is being smoothed wares to take home. the weather is cold enough to make the stomach feel hungry, we ended up buying food that is sold jadah tempe seller. The entrance to the Mount Plawangan jungle tours were closed, we were finally able to photograph at the gate just outside.

Tempe is a typical food jadah Ground. Consists of cooked tempeh bacem then fried and misbegotten made from a mixture of rice and glutinous.
jadah tempe
tempe jadah we walked toward the entertainment stage located on the east pond water. Because the atmosphere of quiet, we can take pictures without disturbing one's fun, so we casually express style and position.

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